Youth/Preschool Soccer

Youth/Preschool Soccer

February 3, 2014
by team

soccerIndoor Soccer

Preschool Ages 3-5 years not in Kindergarten

New Intro to Soccer for 3 year olds –

Preschool Soccer 4-5 year olds


Refer to current brochure for dates and cost.

Games are on Saturdays with a practice during the week.


Grades K – 2 Boys & Girls


Games are on Saturdays with a practice during the week.

Team assignments are based on grade, age, sex and school attended by the participant.  If you played last year you will be on the same team.  Only head coaches children can be moved to be on the same team that their parent is coaching.  The YMCA makes all team assignments.  Requests are accepted but not guaranteed.  All participation depends on having a coach for your team.


  • Teach youngsters the skills of that particular sport.  Everyone who signs up for a YMCA Youth Sports Team plays.
  • Help kids have fun and enjoy playing sports.
  • Put winning in perspective.  Striving to win is an essential part of all sports, but winning is only one goal amount many.
  • Teach teamwork.  Cooperate with teammates and help them to play as well as they can.
  • Develop positive attitudes about fair play.  Players lean to respect their teammates, opponents, officials and themselves.