Weight Room Orientation

Weight Room Orientation

January 29, 2014
by team

weight liftingMake an appointment with weight room staff for an orientation.

Nautilus:  You will be shown Nautilus equipment & how to utilize the machines properly & effectively while addressing the major muscle groups.  Knowledgeable weight room staff will help you fill out a workout card to help you continue.

Cardio:  you will be educated on how to use each of the cardiovascular machines;  also how often, how long and at what intensity you should engage in cardiovascular activity.

Free Weight:  You will be shown a variety of free weight exercises addressing major muscle groups, as well as learning about reps & sets.  Must be 15 years or older

Youth 9-14 may go through the Cardio and Nautilus Orientations but must be accompanied by a parent or an adult when working out.