Tai Chi Moving for Better Balance

Tai Chi Moving for Better Balance

March 20, 2015

Tai Chi

Tai Chi with Holly Ojeda

Tai Chi has been called “Moving Meditation”

because the slow, graceful movements can

induce a deep sense of peacefulness.  At the same time, the complexity of the movements

requires intense concentration similar to those experienced when creating a work of art.  The result for many is a sense of timelessness, serenity and the experience of being fully present.


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Cost Free for Members

Day Pass per class for nonmember

This program will be using 8 modified Tai Chi forms which have been derived form the traditional 24 form Yang-style Tai Chi.  We will work on increasing balance and stability as well as slowing the mind and body being in the here and now.  The first 4 weeks of clinic will focus on learning the basic modified eight form while the following weeks will be used to practice our new skills refining our form.

You will be learning a 8 form routine:

  • Form 1:   Repulse the Monkey
  • Form 2:  Brush Knee (with side step)
  • Form 3:  Parting Wild Horses Mane
  • Form 4:  Cloud Hands
  • Form 5:  Golden Cockerel (Stands on 1 Leg)
  • Form 6:  Heel Kick
  • Form 7:  Grasping Sparrows Tail
  • Form 8:  Crossing Hands and Closing

For more information contact David 360-423-4770 ext 216