Swim, Dash, Splash Triathlon

Swim, Dash, Splash Triathlon

January 6, 2016

Saturday, July 21, 2018

The YMCA will be partnering with Longview Park and Recreation and Peace Health for a fun and unique triathlon featuring a 500-yard swim in the YMCA main pool, a 5K run around Lake Sacajawea, followed by kayaking in the lake. Southwest Washington’s only triathlon of it’s kind, lets individuals or teams of 3 complete in an indoor 500 yard swim, an outdoor 5k run, and a two mile kayak or canoe route on Lake Sacajawea in the heart of Longview, WA.  Try it alone for an intense fitness challenge or divide and conquer with a team of two or three.  For more information visit www.swimdashsplash.com or contact Longview Parks and Recreation 360-442-5400


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