Pool Reservations / Birthday Parties

Pool Reservations / Birthday Parties

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Party Times

1 hour of pool time for up to 25 swimmers.  1 hour for party rooms up to 35 participants.

Pool Parties are available on:

For Times and Cost refer to current brochure on front page of website or call front desk at 360-423-4770.

Contact the Front Desk at the Y 14 days in advance of requested party date.  They will check the availability for your room time preference.  Payment must be made in full and turned in with registration form for the party to be booked.

Chairs, tables, private swimming reservation, lifeguards, and host to help with your party.  We also have a refrigerator and freezer that can be used with limited space check with YMCA staff for usage.  You can bring food, drinks, cake, and decorations.  Tablecloths are recommended.  Guests are responsible for removing gifts and personal items before the scheduled party time is over.

At the YMCA all children under 52″ inches in height, or under 9 years old must swim with an adult in the pool with them.  All swimmers must wear a swimsuit and take shower prior to pool entry.  Cotton and Denim are not allowed.  Horseplay will not be tolerated.  You must follow directions of the lifeguard at all times.

Since several parties are booked in a single day, the earliest you may enter the party room to set up is 10 minutes prior to your party’s start time if there is a party scheduled before yours.