Fit in Ten

Fit in Ten

June 23, 2017

Fit in Ten


Meet for 45 minutes, 2 days for 10 weeks to train in a group

setting with knowledgeable YMCA

Certified Personal Trainer.


September 25 to December 4, 2017

Time     8:00am—8:45am

Days     Monday and Friday

Cost     Members $60  Program Members $100

Class will consist of:

· Strength training to tone the muscles in a variety of ways to increase results.

· Cardiovascular/Cardio respiratory training through varying intensities with use of cardio machines, circuit, and more!

· Stretching is incorporated for flexibility to · prevent injury, aid in muscle growth, improve circulation, increase long term mobility and used as a cool-down tool.

· This class is for beginner to advanced individuals; from those who want to learn, build muscle, lose weight, increase stamina, and reach realistic goals.