10 Form Tai Chi Clinic

10 Form Tai Chi Clinic

June 17, 2014

Tai Chi“Moving Meditation” with Misty

$35 Members  $70 Non-Members for 8 sessions

Tuesday & Thursday at Noon July 8th – July 31st

Tai Chi has been called “Moving Meditation”  because the slow, graceful movements can induce a deep sense of peacefulness.  At the same time, the complexity of the movements requires intense concentration similar to those experienced when creating a work of art.  The result for many practitioners is a sense of timelessness, serenity and the experience of being fully present.

Western scientists have noted that Tai Chi’s slow, deliberate movements help patients improve balance and flexibility.  People with specific ailments, such as arthritis, have found relief from some symptoms.  Beyond the benefits of the movements themselves, learning Tai Chi:  Moving for Better Balance is an eight-movement form created by researchers at the Oregon Research Institute.  Clinic trial using this form have yielded impressive results in reducing falls and alleviating various symptom.

You will be learning a 10 form routine:

  • Part Wild Horse’s Mane with side step
  • Brush Knees with side step
  • Wave Hands like Clouds
  • Heel Kick
  • Repulse Monkey
  • Snake Creeps Down
  • Golden Rooster
  • Open Fan
  • Energy Punch
  • Embrace Tiger

Sign up with payment a the front desk limited to the first 15.